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Our company specializes in Powder Coat Finishes, Wet Spray Painting
and High Temperature Header Coatings. Our quality is Number One!

Creative Finishing is dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coated finishes to our customers. We cater to the demands of the motor sport enthusiast. by providing quality custom powder coating finish for sports cars, custom choppers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, four wheelers, race karts and classic automobiles.

We are a family owned and operated powder coating company. We built our reputation by providing our customers with high quality powder coatings and outstanding customer service.

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Motorsports Chassis: Motorcycles, Go-kart, ATV, Sandrail, T-Q, Sprint car,  Late Model....Automotive: K-Frames, A-Arms, Bumper, Exhaust Systems, Oil Pans, Rear End Housing, Coil Springs, Valve Covers, Wheels, Antique Vehicle Restoration....Household items(outside): Lawn and patio furniture, hand rail, metal fence,Balcony, mower deck, purple martin bird towers, swings...Household items(inside): Heat register covers, decorative signs, bed frames, bath tubs, cake stands...Industrial: floor drain grates, wire puller frames, robotic welder bases, electric control cabinets...Agriculture: Animal pens, tractor parts, trailer hitches...Hobbies: Basket ball goal post, guns, remote control cars and boats, aircraft frames, boat trailers, garden pulling tractors.                                                                                  


                        2007-12 Street Smart Incorporated


Film Photo Descriptions:

Household Items

(1)   Powder coated hanging bracket for antique lights. These fixtures were powder coated with copper vein and top coated with a high gloss powder coated clear. This was produced in our facility near Greensburg Indiana.

(2)   Households in southeastern Indiana benefit from our sandblasting and powder coating of all kinds of metal lawn furniture.

(3)   This picture shows the condition of an antique bathtub. After our four step process which includes sandblasting, followed by a powder coated primer, a powder coat color and lastly a tuff and long lasting powder coated clear coat.  The exterior powder coating for this tub was custom matched to the paint used on the bathroom wall.

(4)  Amazing sound from this Gong top coated with a UV protecting clear coat. 

(5)  Near a church in Batesville Indiana this gazebo decorates the side walk. We used a copper vein powder
coating with a clear top coat. 

   (6)  600 feet of heavy steel fence and over 50 plate steel figures powder coated in our southeastern Indiana         
   custom coating shop.

   (7)  This beautifully constructed fence rail guards the patio of a winery near Batesville Indiana. The light gray
   powder coated finish looks almost as good as the wine.

   (8)  Powder coated in our Greensburg shop these bookends were made of cut outs taken from old railroad    

   (9)  A very durable Beach Sand special effect powder coating makes for a great look in the hallway of this
   Columbus Indiana home. 



(1)   Creative Finishing has many industrial customers in the Columbus, Greensburg, and Batesville Indiana area. This steel semi rim was powder coated with an all weather wheel white.

   (2)  The boss and our granddaughter stand under the arch of this new Rising Sun Indiana skate park.

   (3)  The fence was sandblasted near our Greensburg shop, then powder coated with an epoxy primer followed
    by a heavy coat of bright orange on the figures and dark green on the rails.


Automotive (High Temp.)

(1)    Ceramic coated headers able to withstand metal surface temperatures up to 1600 degrees F.

(2)    High performance Go-Kart exhausts are processed in our Greensburg Indiana custom coating shop.

(3)    Creative Finishing is one of the few coating shops in central Indiana that have the capabilities to cure the high temperature ceramic coating.

(4)    Many of the race car junkies love to run the ceramic coated headers because of the added horsepower this thermal barrier coating can give.

(5)    Through out the summer all over southeastern Indiana, Columbus, North Vernon, Rushville and Greensburg people come out to watch the 4 wheelers drag race. This ceramic coated exhaust can put them in the winner circle.

Automotive (Powder Coat Finishes)

(1)    This high gloss black powder coating is one of our most popular colors. A hi-tech super polyester formula this powder coating can stand alone without a clear coat and look great for years. 

(2)    Creative Finishing coats many front end suspension parts for the motor sports industry, this K- Frame was powder coated transparent red.

(3)    Many motorcycle enthusiasts from Greensburg and southeastern Indiana enjoy the great look of there powder coated wheels.

(4)    Over a hundred colors in stock, this bright silver intake with a chemical resistant clear looks great under the hood.

(5)    All over southeastern Indiana, Columbus, North Vernon, Rushville and Greensburg people love to ride there 4 wheelers. Our powder coated finish can handle the extreme punishment these guys and gals give there equipment.

Motorsports Chassis

(1)   This rail dragster chassis powder coated in our Greensburg shop is over 18 feet long; we applied a silver vein powder coat and top it off with a super polyester clearcoat.

(2)   We do many 4 wheeler frames in our southeastern Indiana shop, this one has been powder coat transparent blue.

(3)    In southern Indiana and all over the Midwest late model and modified circle track racing is very popular, our powder coating system can handle the size and the weight of these chassis.

(4)   Racers from Seymour, Rushville, Columbus, and all over southeastern Indiana come to Creative Finishing for a wide selection of colors and effects. This frame was powder coated with a florescent orange in our Greensburg shop.

(5)   A great combination on this Quad, Trans Blue frame and high gloss black A-Arms. Creative Finishing would like to be your powder coater in Southeastern Indiana.

  (6)  Neon pink coil springs for a four wheeler custom coated with a white powder coat base coat.

  (7)  This Ram Horn bumper was coated with a high gloss black super polyester powder coating.

   (8)  A great looking black powder coating on these aluminum rims can dress up your ride. Hundreds of colors in