Powder Coating - Motorsports

Creative Finishing is proud of its involvement in the motorsports industry, we are located in southeastern Indiana a hotbed for many types of auto racing and the cradle for many of the sport’s greatest drivers. 

Every season our shop powder coats many flat drag and circle track chassis including Go- Karts, T-Q’s, Sprint Cars, Mods and Late Models. The explosion of the Off-Road market has brought us work coating ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes and mud or gravel climbers. 

If you want to gauge the level of quality and performance of your powder coated finish just let these guy’s and gal’s abuse it for a weekend. I’m proud to say these guy’s and gal’s come back year after year with new projects and some great stories. 

Oh! Also, we do ceramic coating on headers and other exhaust parts, a great way to enhance your engines looks and performance at the same time.

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