Exhaust System Coatings (HHC)

Creative Finishing stocks a ceramic black and our polished ThermaChrome ceramic silver with other colors available. Exhaust system coatings are designed to work as a thermal barrier coating not allowing heat to transfer through the pipe and to maintain adhesion at temperatures above the normal operating range of an exhaust system. 

Unless otherwise indicated temperatures given refer to the base metal temperature that a coating can normally be expected to handle. Coatings designed for exhaust systems, can handle base metal temperatures in excess of 1800F. 

Color change can be expected at lower temperatures with many of the coatings. A color change does not necessarily reflect a failure of the coating, as color stability is secondary to the protective function. Several colors have maintained color stability, to base metal temperatures in excess of 1400F.

thermachrome coating
thermachrome coating
HHC Pipes
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