Creative Finishing has upgraded our sandblast capabilities with the addition of a 60”x 60”x 36” Blast It All pressure blast cabinet with a removable rotating blast platform this unit uses a garnet blast media and can be used at high psi for rust and coating removal. 

This unit compliments our 36”x 36”x 30” Empire cabinet used at lower pressures for soft metals and more delicate substrates. When it comes to sandblasting car frames, livestock pins, and anything else that comes to us with heavy rust or stubborn coating we look to Keith Jackson at Jackson’s Sandblasting Plus, Keith has years of experience in the sandblasting industry and understands not only how to remove rust and stubborn paint but how to protect sometimes irreplaceable parts. 

In very difficult paint removal projects we use a controlled burn off process provided by Eltek Of Indiana, a controlled burn off can help loosen paint so sandblasting is much easier while protecting the metal substrate. 

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